The Workforce Development Board
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 Policy Policy# Adopted
Adult and Dislocated Worker Follow Up Policy BY-2017-06 12/6/17
Career Services Policy for Adult and Dislocated Workers
Child Care Policy BY-2015-19  4/6/16
Customized Training for Employed Workers BY-2015-22 5/4/16
Customized Training for Unemployed Workers BY-2015-23 5/4/16
Definition of Self-Sufficiency for WIOA Adult and Dislocated Workers BY-2015-20 4/6/16
Eligible Training Provider List – Policy and Procedure
Functional Alignment Policy
Implementation of New Policies PY-2001-28 2/06/02
Individual Training Account BY-2015-11 2/3/16
Local Adult Program Priority of Service Policy and Procedures  BY-2015-10  2/3/16
Needs Related Payments Policy BY-2015-16 2/3/16
On-The-Job Training Policy BY-2015-06 12/2/15
Procurement Policies (Revised January 2017) BY-2016-10 2/1/17
Program & Sub-Contractor Monitoring Policy
Reporting Instances of Suspected Fraud, Program Abuse and Criminal Conduct BY-2014-03 9/10/14
Supportive Services as a Post-Employment Follow-Up Service Policy BY-2016-08  2/1/17
Supportive Services During Training Policy BY-2016-07 2/1/17
Supportive Services Policy regarding payments and fees for employment and training-related applications, tests, and certifications BY-2016-09 2/1/17
Trade Act and WIA Title I Dislocated Worker Integration Policy BY-2003-35 5/5/04
Transportation Policy BY-2015-15  2/3/16
WIOA Work Experience Incentive Policy BY 2016-18 6/7/17
Youth Follow-Up Policy BY 2017-03 9/6/17
Youth On-the-Job Training Policy (Full-Time) BY-2016-14 5/3/17
Youth On-the-Job Training Policy (Part-Time) BY-2016-12 5/3/17
Youth Requiring Additional Assistance Policy BY-2017-10 4/4/18


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