In 2012, the GCR WIBs received a three-year Workforce Innovation Grant, Steps up to STEM,  from the US Department of Labor. The purpose of the Steps up to STEM grant is to address the STEM middle skills shortage in the Greater Capital Region by supporting the development of a Talent Pipeline that ensures that adults, dislocated workers and disadvantaged youth have information and training for STEM careers and access to quality jobs and that employers have access to skilled workers needed for their companies’ success and economic growth.

STEM Means Security – Individuals with an Associate’s Degree or a 1-year certificate in STEM-related jobs earn, on average, $12,000 more per year than people in other fields.

STEM Industries in the Greater Capital Region include:

  • Health Care
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Bio-Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Energy
  • Nanotechnology
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