Montgomery County 2021 Business Partner of the Year


In 1988, Michael Libertucci created Saratoga Horseworks and his first creation was a turnout fly sheet for horses. The company made its mark again with the creation of the Saratoga Bandage, featuring a unique fabric that provided unsurpassed support to the lower limb.

Saratoga Horseworks continues to pride itself in manufacturing their “Made in the USA” horse products offering unique designs and fabric choices with high quality, innovative materials.  Mike has staff who are active equestrians which makes it easier for the company to design and produce the best high quality products that look good for their customers’ equine companions. 

In 1997, Saratoga Horseworks began producing contract-sewn products for outside companies. Custom Sewn Products, a division of Saratoga Horseworks, caters to various industries including but not limited to: scuba diving, culinary accessories, musical instrument accessories, pet products, and more!

During the Covid Pandemic, Saratoga Horseworks made the decision to turn part of their production facility over to making personal protective equipment for health care providers. They were notified of a need for medical face shields and in days they had designed prototypes and made samples available to area hospitals to evaluate. Within one week, production had started and they began supplying thousands of face shields to individual health care providers and hospitals.

Saratoga Horseworks has been utilizing the Workforce Solutions Centers services for over two decades. In 2021, they trained four of their workers through the Customized Training program and hired one worker through the On-the-Job Training Program.  We look forward to a continued partnership working with Mike and Saratoga Horseworks. 










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