Metrix Learning

  1. What is Metrix Learning?
  2. How Does Metrix Work?
  3. Who is Metrix Learning For?
  4. How Do I Begin?

1. What is Metrix Learning?

  • Metrix Learning is a free 180-day online training that you can access 24/7 from any computer with internet access.

2. How Does Metrix Work?

  • Select a Goal Job & Assess your skills for course recommendations
  • Pick your courses from a catalog of over 5,000 activities (courses & assessments) in Basic, Business, Computer Skills, Healthcare, Retail/Service and Manufacturing
  • Prepare for Certification Tests in areas such as Cisco, Comp TIA, Human Resources, Microsoft, Oracle, Six Sigma, Project Management & more
  • Create your own individual learning plan that you can take at your own pace
  • Track your progress & receive certificates of completion
  • Find job listings in your area

3. Who is Metrix Learning For?

  • Anyone who is registered with a Workforce Career Center can sign up for free e-training through Metrix.
  • Customers must have access to the internet, a valid e-mail address and basic computer knowledge.
  • Anyone who is self-motivated and is eager to enhance and learn new skills is perfect for Metrix Learning!

4.  How Do I Begin?

  • Contact a Workforce Advisor at (518) 842-3676 to sign up and attend a Metrix Orientation session at your local Workforce Career Center or click the link below for the online How To Get Started Tutorial.
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