Career Planning


Whether you are unemployed or underemployed, it can be difficult and overwhelming to decide where you need to start when looking for work. Once you register at our Center, you will meet with an employment specialist for an initial assessment to discuss your goals and needs. An important step of career planning is exploring occupations to learn what experience, education and skills they require and evaluating your own interests and abilities to see if there is a good match. Our staff can assist you in forming a career path by providing information on careers and conducting assessment tools to guide you to the right career. You can visit the Center and request an appointment to meet with a Counselor who will use a variety of techniques to assist you. Services available are:

Resource Room: offers a variety of services and resources to help job seekers find the right job and meet their career goals. These services include; information on job openings and labor market trends, career counseling, training opportunities, free workshops, and use of computers with high speed internet access, faxes, phones and copiers, as well as, resume writing, interviewing skills and application processes.

Employment Counselors: are available to work with individuals who have barriers to employment. They assist you in dealing with choice, change and adjustment in your career. Some examples may be how to best market your skills, issue raised due to lack of job opportunities in your field, change due to physical limitations, and how to look for work. Do you have something in your background that is a red flag to an employer, such as a criminal conviction? The counselor may be able to help you overcome the issues or help with learning how to work with them.Workshops: A wide variety of workshops are available.

Job Listings: A comprehensive list of jobs, ranging from entry level to professional.

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