Fulton County 2020 Business Partner of the Year

Electro-Metrics, Corporation

Electro-Metrics Corp., located on Enterprise Road in Johnstown, NY, has a proud history of technical innovation and manufacturing excellence since its founding in 1963.

Today, Electro-Metrics is a leading designer, producer, and integrator of antennas, sensors, and systems for broadband radio frequency communications and testing. General Electric Company, Sylvania, Hitachi, British Aerospace Engineering (BAE), and Siemens are a few of the companies around the world that rely on Electro-Metrics’ products, technology, and manufacturing capability. Worldwide, government agencies, including the highest levels of the US Government, use their equipment to secure their most sensitive communications.

Electro-Metrics appreciates that their customers expect and demand the highest quality products. Technical innovation and skillful complex manufacturing require special people. Electro-Metrics prides itself on the expertise, dedication, and experience of its people.

Electro-Metrics has been utilizing the Workforce Solutions System services to find their next employees. They post their open positions with the Job Bank and are presently taking advantage of the On-the-Job Training Program incentives to cut the cost of training their new hires and to upgrade current employees. During this past year, Electro-Metrics hired several full time workers who had lost their positions with other companies due to cutbacks after the NYS COVID Pause. They also upgraded two of their workers to new positions to expand their skills. Electro-Metrics continues to strive to be consistent in their efforts to hire and train new workers, maintain a stable work environment for their employees while remaining “committed to understanding the needs of their customers, and providing quality products that meet or exceed expectations.”

The FMS Workforce Solutions System looks forward to a continuing partnership in workforce development with Electro-Metrics.

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