Veteran’s Testimonials

Unemployed veteran customer wanted to stay with current employer but the employer was short on funding and there was no expected return to work date. Upon meeting with the veteran customer, Ralph Grugnale, Disabled Veterans Outreach Program (DVOP), noticed the veteran had a very unique skill set and qualifications that would fit perfectly with one of our local companies, Giant Solutions LLC. DVOP and Business Service Representative (BSR) Nancy Reccio have cultivated a great working relationship with this local employer. DVOP sent the resume to BSR who then made contact with Giant Solutions LLC. Upon review of the veteran’s resume, Giant Solutions LLC called the veteran in and conducted an interview. This led to the veteran receiving a full time job offer as a Field Service Technician within wireless communications, at $21.25 an hour. Veteran customer is also participating in Federal Workforce Innovation Act (WIA) On the Job Training(OJT), to help expand his skills. This veteran has an excellent opportunity to advance within the company.

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